SAURABH JAIN

Air pollution is getting more dangerous these days specially in countries like India. Even we can see the conditions in states like delhi and rajasthan pollution is increasing day by day and also even deaths parallel to it,so we came up an idea of making a new low cost economically feasible and effecient air purifier. we thought of a solution for  air pollution by making a cyclonic air purifier, which is a low cost(approx 600),effecient air purifier. The purifier works on following  principle

1)Cyclonic separation
2) Adsorption by silica, petroleum jelly &     activated charcoal
3) Electroststic precipitation .

The air will move in a cyclonic motion due to high speed and shape of inlet that will lead to removal of PM due collisions of air with walls. Siĺlica gel will adsorb mositure ,Petroleum jelly wiĺl adsorb metallic element and major dust particle, electrostatic precipitator attracts ions ,then Activated charcoal wiĺl adeorbs carbon compounds and SO² rrom air. The use of cyclonic air purifier can make revolutionary change in the history of air purifiers. We just have to install a exhaust to amke air go inside the purifier. We can install this purifier on our homes rooftop, vechiles and even in big industries. We hope to make a change in the present air purifiers by making low cost efficient air purifier which can be utilized by poòr people because majority of people who died due to air pollution were from weaker section of society.