Our Founder Donated 25,000 directly to the Collector For the people suffering from food problems or even from the virus itself in this crucial epidemic year. 

5 April:-Our team took a initiative of sanitizing the houses of the people with hypo chloride so that they can stay safe inside their own house premises .

20 April:- Our team even distributed 1 month ration which consists of wheat,rice and many more to the need ones packed in a sac.

24 April:- Our team distributed mask,sanitizers,gloves and water bottles to the respected police officers for their priceless duty from dusk till dawn.

Due to lockdown dumb cows ,dogs, birds are not able to get food anywhere so our team also took initiative to feed them Roti , Biscuits, Jaggery and grains for birds and water.      


Lensman.Nature is a self motivated organisation. We are standing up for our fragile earth which deserves a voice, it needs solutions, it need change, it needs action around the globe....

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